10X Thinking

Client cases

Corporate entrepreneurship 


Challenge of the company

Learn about alternatives to replace and reduce the use of plastics in packaging. 


Through a process of secondary information search in structured and semi-structured sources, 10X Thinking identified the different alternatives to substitute and reduce the use of plastics in packaging. 

The technology surveillance process involves 3 moments: 

  •  Definition of scope and focus of exploration 
  • Information search and structuring 
  • Delivery of technical report and presentation of findings 

Achievements of the organization

  • Deliver strategies and different materials to more than 60 companies in the Repack program, for the reduction or substitution of packaging related to rigid plastics (EPS, expanded polystyrene), flexible plastics and multi-packs.  

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Other Cases

Cueros Vélez

  • Improvement, restructuring, and reduction of production process cycles. 
  • Increased productivity (3,685 hours saved). 
  • 70 initiatives generated and around 13 implemented. 
  • Effective annual savings generated. 


  • Get a budget to continue the implementation of a new project within the company. 
  • EMCALI, with the start of this project, will be able to change the value offer to its customers and improve the perception of the organization. 
  • Reduction in the number of copper cable failure reports; as of December 31, 2020.  


  •  Increased placement by 39.76%, from June to July. 
  • Total savings of $9,875,137.80 in the month of July. 
  • Increase in the internal customer satisfaction. 
  • Creation of a new project.