10X Thinking

Client cases

 Corporate entrepreneurship 

B Altam

Challenge of the company

Expand and diversify sources of income, consolidating projects that were already under construction. 


10X Thinking assisted B. Altman in the development of a corporate entrepreneurship process in the stages of generation, maturation, and incubation of the idea, with the transfer of methodologies and tools for the generation of 2 new sources of income called Nutrea (Cereals) and FruPro (Beverages). The third one is in the process of internationalization to the USA. 

Achievements of the organization

  • Generation of 3 new businesses for the company. 
  • International supply of its own products. 

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Other Cases

Cueros Vélez

  • Improvement, restructuring, and reduction of production process cycles. 
  • Increased productivity (3,685 hours saved). 
  • 70 initiatives generated and around 13 implemented. 
  • Effective annual savings generated. 



  • Get a budget to continue the implementation of a new project within the company. 
  • EMCALI, with the start of this project, will be able to change the value offer to its customers and improve the perception of the organization. 
  • Reduction in the number of copper cable failure reports; as of December 31, 2020.  


  • Increased placement by 39.76%, from June to July. 
  • Total savings of $9,875,137.80 in the month of July. 
  • Increase in the internal customer satisfaction. 
  • Creation of a new project.